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      Geothermal systems are the probably the most practical way to approach a Carbon Neutral solution.  This is a two-step approach:

      1.  Step one is the Geothermal System itself.  Choose one with a high Coefficient of Performance (COP).  Ensure that the design and application of the system does not compromise its performance.  For example: Infloor radiant systems can have a negative impact on efficiency if not designed and installed well.
      2. Step 2 is to generate or buy “Green Electrons”.  Currently large scale wind generated electricity and on site solar photovoltaic (PV) are economically viable. 

      Adymo uses high efficiency heat pumps like direct exchange heat pumps that have on average have the highest COPs.  Direct exchange heat pumps are the most efficient!  We also ensure that systems are designed and installed so that these highly efficient machines work at their best.  Something as simple as the design temperature of an in floor heating system, undersized ductwork or using the domestic hot water to do a little space heating can reduce efficiency by 15 to 20 percent.  This makes a big difference when buying “green electrons”.   The difference in performance of a properly designed and installed system can pay for the slightly higher cost of buying electricity from renewable sources.

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